Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions – International & Domestic Holidays
  1. Rates are valid only for Indian Nationals, for any other nationality please contact our tour experts
  2. Standard hotel check-in time is from 1400 hours to 1600 hours and check out 10.00 am to 12.00 hours.
  3. International hotels general breakfast timings are between 6:30 am-10:00 am.
  4. Grant-of visa is solely on the discretion of the particular country’s Immigration Authority and Dookholidays.in is not responsible for any non-grant of visa to traveler.
  5. You are requested to strictly follow visa procedures and passport validity 6 months (9 months for Malaysia) from date of return. Even for countries which offer Visa On Arrival, we request you to be get your Visa’s before departures as it might take too much of your time at the arrival.
  6. If you face a problem during the holiday, you are requested to inform the hotel/transport provider and/or the holiday4youonline.com representative immediately. If your complaint is not addressed, you are requested to follow it up by writing to us within 7 days of your return. holiday4youonline.com would like to hear from you and will  share your concerns with the respective service provider.
  7. In case the promised travel arrangement is not provided by Dookholidays.in’s employees or agents, we will compensate you up to the limit of the cost of such arrangements.
  8. Dookholidays.in does not accept any responsibility for third party services or service providers like hotels, transport, etc. For example, the transporters are  responsible for travel delays while the hotels are responsible for inefficient hospitality
  9. Dookholidays.in  is only a tour operator and at no time shall Dookholidays.in be held responsible for your acts of misdemeanor/omission and your personal affairs.  For example, Dookholidays.in shall not be held responsible for ensuring the safety of your personal belongings, travel documents, etc. at any time before, during or after the holiday.
  10. Dookholidays.in  will not be held responsible for any misbehavior/damage done by guest while on tour.
  11. Dookholidays.in  cannot and does not guarantee the exactness of any service in the package. For example, photographs of the interiors of the hotel rooms posted on our website have been provided by the respective hotel. Hence, Dookholidays.in  does not guarantee the visual appeal of your room.
  12. We recommend you to buy travel insurance at an additional cost through Dookholidays.in sales agent before departing for your travel, or from any other source you may wish.
  13. When we say that your transport (arrivals, departures and sightseeing) will be by ‘seat-in-coach basis’, all we mean is that a comfortable van / bus/ coach will be provided to you depending upon the total number of arrivals. Please note we will be clubbing passengers arriving around similar time and dropping at various hotels. In case you don’t approve of the same, we recommend you to book a private vehicle at a supplement cost, you can check with Dookholidays.in representative about such upgrades.
  14. It shall be solely your responsibility to hold valid travel documents like passports, visas and other statutory clearances like immigration, to enable you to travel on the tour hassle free.
  15. As granting or rejecting visas and immigration clearance is the sole prerogative of the concerned sovereign governments, the operator shall neither be responsible in case of non-granting of such documents nor will he be liable for any delay, denial or other related act/omission or for any loss, expense, damage or cost resulting there from. The position in respect of cancellation of tour by client due to non-availability of travel documents would not change only by virtue of the client having applied for such documents through the operator. Even if visas are rejected, the stipulated fees of the operator shall be payable by the client. There will be no refund to the client, or any member of his party, is unable to travel due to the above said reasons. In such cases, the non-refundable deposit paid by the clients shall be forfeited and no claim whatsoever shall be made for the same.
  16. A child traveling for whom ‘without a bed’ charge has been paid would not be entitled to a separate bed or rollover based on the hotel policy. In case ‘with bed’ charge has been paid for the child and you decide not to avail such facility whilst on the tour, you would not be entitled for any refund. In case you decide to seek an extra bed for the child booked on ‘without a bed’ basis on the tour, this will be subject to availability where you shall be bound to  pay directly the additional amount charged by the concerned hotel.
  17. These are the sole and complete terms and conditions governing the tour operations, supplemented only by the User Agreement. No employee of our company or any agent has the authority to amend, modify or change these conditions, and you are advised to rely on the term ‘as it is’. Dookholidays.in reserves  the right to change or modify these ‘Terms and Conditions’ at any time without notice.
Tour & Payment Policy:
  1. The airfares and taxes are calculated as on a mentioned date and any increase in the airport taxes or airfares will be borne by the customer.
  2. For customized / FIT (Free Individual Travel) package, the cost is calculated on lowest class air fare. Airline seat confirmation is subject to availability at the time of booking and any increase in air fare or airport taxes has to be borne by the client.
  3. Payments for land component (towards hotel, transfers and sightseeing in foreign country) will be taken as per Rate of exchange (ROE) on the day of making final payments.
  4. Any customized or recommended tour itinerary posted on the website is only a proposed holiday outline. We are not holding any confirmed hotel reservations for your travel. The same is subject to availability at the time of booking. The quotation might change based on actual availability of the service.
  5. Dookholidays.in will inform you of any change in prices and only after your confirmation, proceed with booking. Cost will not be refunded for any unutilized services.
  6. Weekend or other surcharges may be applicable over and above the package cost for the requested period. holiday4youonline.com will inform you of such costs at the time of booking or before confirming the package.
  7. You need to make an advance payment as per the specific package terms at the time of confirming the tour and make the balance payment as per the payment conditions of the package.
  8. The Company shall be within its rights to forfeit the non-refundable interest free deposit paid by the client to the company along with the prescribed booking form duly completed for the tour booked by the client. In the event the client cancels the booking or on failure on the part of the client to adhere to the tour payment schedule as informed in the documentation check-list or in the event the visa of any country is not granted OR unable to travel on the tour booked by the client due to any reason whatsoever, including medical ground or sickness, the non-refundable interest free deposits shall stand forfeited, and the scale of cancellation set out in the ‘How To Book’ section of the brochure shall be applicable and binding.
  9. Rates are calculated on basis on special air fares hotel package rates. We have limited inventory hence prices can change without prior notice. In order to get benefit at the current proposed prices, we recommend you to book with us immediately.
Cancellation Policy :
  1. Post confirmation of services, you or any member of your group may cancel travel plans at any time by sending a written notification or an e-mail addressed to the holiday4youonline.com representative who made the booking, to our office .The same is applicable in case you want to make any change like the travel date or accommodation in your travel arrangements.
  2. All costs incurred due to amendment of any of the above issues, will be borne by the individual himself.
  3. holiday4youonline.com reserves the right to change/modify or cancel your travel arrangements at any point of time. In case of group departures, holiday4youonline.com reserves the right to cancel the booking if client is not ready to adjust the travel dates and refund the entire booking amount if group is short numbered then the required No. of passengers as per the group departure policy.
  4. If we are unable to provide the booked travel arrangements, our liability in all cases shall be limited to the costs of your travel arrangements booked by holiday4youonline.com, and will not cover any other such arrangements.
  5. In case your travel arrangements are affected by bad weather conditions or other unforeseeable circumstances, holiday4youonline.com  will try its best to provide alternate dates for the package, if the holiday hasn’t already begun, and if holiday4youonline.com has not paid any nonrefundable component to Airlines or to the Hotels, in case any additional cost arise due to such a thing the cost of such alterations in the travel dates will be solely born by the traveler.
  6. Any alteration in your outward/return flights if require additional cost, then holiday4youonline.com is not liable for such expenses, and such expenses will be born by the traveler.
  7. In the event that a client is unable to travel on the tour originally booked by him/her, due to rejection of visas by the concerned embassy, the said client shall have the option to postpone his/her tour to any other future date or transfer his tour to any other tour and in such case the transfer fee for the transfer of the tour shall apply. However, if the client books and pays within the cancellation period and is unable to travel due to any reason whatsoever including non-availability of visas or any travel documents, the cancellation policy will apply.
Cancellation charges per Person:

Cancellation charges for various tours are different and depend upon the region of travel like Asia or Europe. Hence we request Guest to go through the cancellation policies of each package they book and travel for. In general the cancellation policies for

Asia / Central Asia / Middle East bound destinations are:
  1. 30 Days before departure Booking amount is nonrefundable.
  2. 30-20 days before departure 60% of the package price.
  3. 20-10 days before departure 75% of the package price.
  4. 10-0 days before departure Full package price.
  5. Each package has its own specific cancellation policy which will supersede the above mentioned general cancellation policy in case of a tour cancellation, such policy will be advised by the Dookholidays’s representative over the email, before the confirmation of the package, if applicable.
West Bound / Australia / Africa / America
  1. 45 Days before departure Booking amount is non-refundable.
  2. 45-30 days before departure 60% of the package price.
  3. 30-20 days before departure 75% of the package price.
  4. 20-0 days before departure Full package price.
  5. Each package has its own specific cancellation policy which will supersede the above mentioned general cancellation policy in case of a tour cancellation, such policy will be advised by the Dookholidays.in’s representative over the email, before the confirmation of the package, if applicable.
Please Note:
  1. The passport should be valid for minimum 6 months from the date of travel (9 months in case of Malaysia)
  2. Hand written passports are generally returned by the embassies, please take caution not to book tours on such passports.
  3. In case of cash payment of INR 40,000 or above, Pan Card copy of the client is required.
  4. Group packages are non-refundable once booked for e.g :  In case you reserve your booking by paying  Rs.500 per person, the same will be non-refundable in case you do not pay the remaining amount or cancel  your holiday.
  5. In case the booking is for a group of more than 8 travelers, the cancellation charges may be up to the total cost of the package, depending on the supplier penalties.
  6. All Legal settlements as per Gurugram, Haryana (India) Honourable Courts Jurisdiction only.
  7. Local Govt.of the Touring Country Force Measures supersede all other conditions, in such a case booking is not refundable without any other liability.
  8. Client is to carefully read and understand the above mentioned cancellation terms and conditions before confirming any package with holiday4youonline.com.
  9. If client confirms the package with Dookholidays.in, it will be deemed that client has carefully read and understood the cancellation policy as mentioned above and is booking the package with holiday4youonline.com in clear understanding where in Dookholidays.in has the right to exercise the above mentioned cancellation policy on the client booking with Dookholidays.in.